Remembering Christmas

Does anybody really need Christmas? Do we need the decorating, entertaining, gift-giving, spending … the gathering, singing, worshiping? Why do we expend so much energy on these things? Maybe it’s because at the first Christmas everybody needed what Jesus came to bring, no matter who they were: the rich and powerful, the outcasts, the lonely, the forgotten … everybody. And maybe, we all still do!

Christmas is a celebration of a gift that is powerful, life-changing and eternal … a gift everybody needs and anyone can receive!

Today, we kick off our Christmas series by stepping back to remember Christmas. Have you ever felt like God is absent? Like he has been ignoring or hiding from you? People throughout history have felt that too and before the first Christmas, it was no different. But God’s faithfulness to you in the past casts a shadow of hope on your future. If we don’t remember God in our past we will forget to see Him in our future. As we remember Him in our past, we will see Him in our future.