We are a rich people. God loves each of us beyond measure and gave us not just a portion, but everything. He asks us to be good managers of the resources He has given to us. That stewardship responsibility requires us to make good decisions to use those gifts in the best way we know how to further God’s kingdom.

When you give, you are helping us to be a church that does not make it difficult for people to turn to God. That’s our mission. You can give right now and be a part of it.

Establishing a consistent pattern of giving can serve as a regular reminder of God’s faithfulness to us. God provides for our needs, and our giving helps us remember that we are dependent upon Him, in good times and in bad times.

When you choose to automate your giving, you control the frequency and the amount, but your continued support helps us to be the church to those around us, and puts us in a position to respond to God’s calling.

In Person

Join us this Sunday morning at 10:30am and donate in person using the giving envelopes provided. This ensures you get your charitable donations receipt at year-end. All gifts over $10 will receive a charitable receipt.

Direct from your Bank Account

Set up pre-authorized debits to give directly from your bank account once or twice per month. To get started, fill out this form and submit it, together with a void cheque, to the church office. Your donations should start within 1 month.

Text to Give

Get started in four easy steps:

  1. Text any dollar amount to 84321

  2. You’ll receive a text response immediately inviting you to create an account (or to sign into your existing account) where you can establish and save your preferred payment method (credit card or direct from your bank account)

  3. Once you’ve made your donation, you’ll receive a text message to confirm and a receipt by email.

  4. For future donations, just text the amount you wish to give (e.g. “50”) to 84321. You’ll receive confirmation of your gift as soon as it’s been processed!

Income Tax Receipts

Receipts for income tax purposes are issued by Bromley Road Baptist Church in February of each year for all donations received through your envelope or by pre-authorized debits in the previous calendar year.

Online/mobile/text-to-give donations will have tax receipts issued immediately by email from Planning Center. Recurring online/mobile/text-to-give donations will have receipts issued a receipt at the end of each year available from the donation source (Tithe.ly, CanadaHelps, or Planning Center). Please contact us for more information.