Youth are a vital part of the church and of God’s kingdom. We believe that youth should experience God for themselves and we want to do everything we can to create a welcoming and loving environment where they can form a community that meets them where they’re at, but challenges them to take their next steps.

Friday Nights

Friday nights are a chance for youth to come, make some friends (or bring some friends with them) and to hang out and get to know each other. Our Friday program is all about building lasting relationships, creating great memories, and experiencing God in a way that’s relevant to teenagers.

Students also hang out together at special events or partner with teenagers from other churches to celebrate and get to know each other. We believe that the best thing we can do to help youth move through the teenage years is to provide them with committed and caring leaders who are invested in them, and to give them opportunities to build relationships with a group of their peers who can be a positive influence on them.

The BRBC Youth Friday nights at our church at 7:00pm throughout the school year (September to June).

We believe it’s important for youth to have their own environment where they can experience God together and learn within a community of their peers. We hope to do exactly that in their class: create an environment where youth experience God, form community, and take their next steps in faith – whatever those next steps are and from whatever level they come from. Through discussion and interactive learning, we teach each other and learn what it means to be followers of Jesus. Examples of what we might discuss include: faith, life, God, and how we can grow into the people God wants us to be.