Partnering with the local people of El Salvador in building a Youth Community Centre to provide the youth a safe escape from the streets, and the violence of gangs

El Salvador is a beautiful, fertile country that has struggled to recover from twenty years of civil war that ended in 1992. Since then, there have been great improvements but also great challenges including poverty and gangs.

Gang violence has made El Salvador one of the most dangerous places in the world. Youth are the most at risk from this violence. With parents working multiple jobs, or working in other countries to support their families, gangs are a big challenge for the youth. The youth have little hope of improving their lives and are left with little to do. This leaves them vulnerable to being recruited into gangs.

To provide a positive alternative, a team from Bromley will travel to El Salvador in 2020 to help build a youth community centre in the vulnerable communities of El Salvador. Similar youth community centres have been successfully teaching computer skills, art, music, cooking and other life skills that give hope of a better future for the youth.

Thank-you for helping the youth of El Salvador to escape the violence and gangs by supporting our fund-raising event. Any additional donation of any amount towards our building effort is greatly appreciated [Tax receipts available for donations of $10 or more]. Thanks for your generosity!

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