In his book The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg talks about how everyone needs a third place. After home first, and work second, the third place is a local place where people can find and form community. Oldenburg argues that society hinges on the existence of these third places.

At one time, churches were these third places. They were the local community hot spot. People gathered regularly for sing-alongs, pot lucks and community events, as well as regular worship. But by the time Oldenburg wrote his book in 1989 and republished it in 1997, things in society had changed to the point where cafés, coffee shops, community centres, beauty parlours, general stores, and bars became the subtitle of his book, and the third places of society. For so many, the church is no longer the go-to place to find community.

We want our church to be a third place for people. We believe that God has inspired us to create a space within our church building where people are able to meet, to gather, and to learn about the difference Jesus can make in their lives.

We’re so excited to share this vision with you so that you can become a part of it!

Why a Café?

We want to create a space where people can connect with each other and where newcomers feel welcomed. The BRBC Café is proposed in the former nursery space off of the lower hallway – removing the wall to flood the hallway with natural light and creating a warm and inviting space for people to enjoy before our Sunday services and throughout the week. Delicious cups of coffee and tea would be prepared on-demand from a new kitchenette space within the café. Video monitors would cycle news and announcements about upcoming events, and would let people know when the service is about to start. The café will provide an opportunity for a first-time encounter with people who’ve been attending Bromley for years, and with those who might be checking our church out for the first time. It would also be used as a venue to help guests connect to our church and to find out more.

But this space is not only for Sunday mornings. On Friday nights it would provide a place for the parents of youth in the youth group can connect with each other while they are waiting for their kids to be done. It’s an opportunity to develop relationships with people with whom we may not normally connect. It’s also a space that can help us take next steps in our relationship with Jesus.

Throughout the week the café will be used for short-term studies, or small groups, or an Alpha course. It will be welcoming and comfortable space to dive deeper into our understanding of God and what it means to be a follower of Jesus – beyond Sunday mornings.

We dream of this space potentially being used by students to do homework. Or newcomers to Canada to learn conversational English. Or young moms to come, to have a coffee, and to connect while their kids play nearby.

We are excited to see how God will use this space in these, and other, ways to help us in our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, one step at a time.

Support the Vision

We hope that you’ll join in to make the café a reality. Please be praying that God would use this space to change lives and if you’re able, consider giving financially or supporting one of our fundraisers.

Purchase Coffee or Tea!

Equator coffees are 100% organic and fair trade and roasted weekly in Almonte. A portion of the proceeds from products ordered through BRBC will go to support the Café project.

You can order coffee using this order form. You can submit the form after church on Sunday morning, or deliver it to the church office. Orders will be placed weekly with delivery the following week.

Get Your Own BRBC Mug!

Mugs are available for $40 each with $30 from each sale going to support the Café project! These large mugs are branded with Bromley’s logo and are the perfect size for your morning coffee or tea! You can purchase mugs after the service on Sunday mornings, or contact the church office!

Give Financially

You can mark a donation towards the Café project on your regular donation envelope, or by selecting the Café when you give online. All gifts designated to the project will go directly to help make it a reality! If you give directly from your bank account, you can make a special donation using one of the general offering envelopes in the pews on Sunday morning, or make a one-time donation online.

To give online, visit BRBC Online Giving and choose the “BRBC Cafe Project” fund. Thank you for your support!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions that we have been receiving. As we get additional questions, we will update this section with answers. You can send your questions to the church office.

When will construction begin?

We are currently preparing plans for the renovations and hope to begin construction in July 2019.

How much will this cost?

We estimate that the total cost of the project will be approximately $65,000 to $70,000.

Will this replace coffee hour after the service?

No, though we do plan to make some changes to coffee hour as well (better coffee, nicer environment) as part of our efforts to create the best first impression for our guests.Stay tuned for more details on that!