Kendra Allsop

children’s ministry coordinator

As a proud mother of two young boys, I know how important children’s ministries are to families. Creating a safe, welcoming environment where children can learn about Jesus and have a whole lot of fun is something I really enjoy. I served as a volunteer here at Bromley for a number of years before taking on this role in September 2018, but I’ve been involved in kid’s ministries since I was a young teenager in a small northern town. 

Children take in everything and learn from our examples. I believe in living like Jesus by loving others and I think it’s really important to teach this to the next generation. My husband is very involved with the music ministry, but he often helps me out with this ministry in the areas he is gifted in. Together with all of the great staff and volunteers at Bromley, we are trying to model a life of servitude for our children and bring God’s kingdom ever nearer.