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Feb 18, 2018 Break Free – Freedom from the Law God made a promise with his people long before he gave them the law. The law was given to people who knew the promise of Gods faithfulness. It was never meant to save us rather show us how much we Listen Download
Feb 11, 2018 Break Free – The Life-Changing Art of Giving Up So often we try to be good or do the right thing because we think that will get us closer to God. But no matter how hard we may try, we cannot earn God’s love. It is only through faith in Listen Download
Feb 4, 2018 Break Free – Freedom from the Past Many of us have made choices that gained us a reputation. We may be known as a hard worker or a lazy bum because of decisions we have made. People judge our present by our past. But it is not that way Listen Download
Jan 28, 2018 Break Free – The Good News about Freedom Today we kick off our new teaching series called “Break Free” – all about living life in all its fullness. Today we are looking at how the gospel frees us to be us. In this message we will explore what Listen Download
Jan 21, 2018 I Can Relate – All Our Other Relationships Jesus tells us to love our neighbours in the same way that we love ourselves. But who qualifies as our neighbour? Today, in our final week of our I Can Relate series, we look at our relationships with others and how Listen Download
Jan 14, 2018 I Can Relate – Ourselves Out of our ability to love ourselves, we are able to better love others. Listen Download
Jan 7, 2018 I Can Relate – God Everyone wants to belong. Today however, true, meaningful relationships are becoming more and more rare. Our relationships are so important. Today, as we start this series we look at our most important relationship, our relationship to God. God is waiting Listen Download
Dec 31, 2017 The Thrill of Hope – Resolution As we start the new year, we spend some time this morning thinking about resolutions. Nearly 40% of us make resolutions and over 80% of us abandon them before the end of February. What is God inviting you to trust Listen Download
Dec 24, 2017 The Thrill of Hope – What Child is This? Who do we think of as being important? Most lists would contain politicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, doctors and artists. Yet there has never been a greater responsibility that what was asked of Mary. To carry and raise the Light of the Listen Download
Dec 17, 2017 The Thrill of Hope – Joy to the World! “Joy to the World” is a carol written by Isaac Watts and based upon Psalm 98, which declares creation’s joy when the Lord comes to rule. When we sing “Joy to the World the Lord is Come,” it applies when we talk about Listen Download