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At Bromley Road Baptist Church, we’re proud to support missions through many channels. As members of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ), we support their work through the Baptist churches of Ontario and Quebec. We also provide support to the Sharing Way through Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM). Finally, we also provide support for three Partners in Mission – Bruno and Kathleen Soucy, Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel (IBE) in El Salvador, and Matthew House Ottawa (MHO) here in Ottawa. Read more about each of these partners, and their latest updates, below.

For more information missions at Bromley, please contact the church office.

Bruno and Kathleen Soucy

As Latin America Team Leaders Bruno and Kathleen work with CBM’s Field Staff and church partners in Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Cuba and Nicaragua. They also support CBM’s work and relationships in Argentina and Costa Rica. The Soucys are passionate about working with local churches in Canada, helping to develop their mission efforts and church engagement, locally and globally, through meaningful short-term mission experiences and partnership possibilities in Latin America. Prior to their roles as Latin America Team Leaders, Bruno and Kathleen served for 7 years as GFS in Rwanda.
Bruno has broad experience in technical and management roles in Agricultural Credit in many areas of Canada. He has a passion to help program staff and partners enhance stewardship and financial processes.

Kathleen worked in Pregnancy Resource Centers in Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick and as an area manager for the Canadian Cancer Society in New Brunswick. She has a passion for global discipleship, especially helping to develop appropriate short-term mission programs for donors and churches.

The Soucys have three grown children – Caroline Selig, Laura Vokey and Benjamin and six grandchildren.

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Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel

Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel, San Salvador is a Baptist Congregation that was found in 1964. A few years later, in 1968 two members of the church were sent to seminary in Mexico.

The challenges of mission work within the country in the early 1970’s as well as reflection on the reality of the gospel as well as further studies had a profound impact on the church. It resulted in a clear call to serve the poor, in fraternity as well as solidarity and justice.

During the violent 1979 to 1992 civil war, tactics that included death squads, recruitment of child soldiers and deliberately terrorizing/targeting civilians are estimated have killed over 75,000 people. The number of people “disappeared” is not known. IBE served the poor by running an orphanage “Centro Gabriel Para La Paz” to help the children of the “disappeared” as well as health programs, training for women and running a school.

Today the war is over but violence is still an issue as gangs regularly kill those who oppose them. In fact, estimates are that almost as many people have been killed by the gangs during the “peace” as during the war. To help show the youth another way, IBE runs a youth house called “Cal Pilpiill” that provides training in the arts such as music and painting, cooking and computers. It provides an alternate family to the “family” that the gangs provide as well as the opportunity for testimony/modeling of the gospel.

In parallel, there is a school that provides the official curriculum with the gospel as well as a strong emphasis on building a culture of peace to replace the current culture of violence. In addition to the church in the capital city, San Salvador, IBE reaches out to the rural areas through twelve mission stations.

Nineteen BRBC members have visited with IBE as part of a mission trip at least once.

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Matthew House Ottawa

Matthew House Ottawa: Refugee Services and Furniture Bank (MHO) is a faith-based, volunteer driven charity with the vision to be a transformative model of excellence caring for Ottawa’s marginalized population.

MHO achieves their mission though two programs:

The Furniture Bank distributes quality used furniture and household goods to Ottawa’s marginalized population. In 2015, MHO provided free furniture and household goods to 605 families in Ottawa.

Refugee Services provides shelter, food, and refugee settlement assistance, including volunteer opportunities, in a family atmosphere to refugee claimants so that they may begin their journey to independence as members in Canadian society. In 2015, MHO provided a home for 24 refugee claimants from 14 countries.

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