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Minor Prophets – Zephaniah


Intervention – knowing something is wrong and deciding to make a change – and Prevention – recognizing the need to change to avoid something going wrong – are the two ways that we interact with ourselves and with the world. The minor prophets in the Bible are a group that are all about intervention and prevention. They are used by God to speak into specific situations or contexts to make a change.

In the first week of this 4 week series, we are looking at Zephaniah. The reforms of Josiah and the preaching of Zephaniah fell on the ears of the nation of Israel as a wake up call warning them not to be complacent in their faith. Is this a wake up call we still need today? Zephaniah is a great text reminding us to  not worship God and anything else. Rather to solely worship our father God by Seeking the Lord, Seeking Righteousness, & Seeking Humility.


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Aug 5, 2018 Minor Prophets – Zephaniah Listen Download